Tickets for each film are being sold on-line by the Japan-America Society, and not by the theaters where the film is shown. The exception is the March 25 encore showing of Persona Non Grata/Sugihara Chiune at Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market.

Tickets are $13 per film, except for the encore presentations of Persona Non Grata/Sugihara Chiune, which are $11. The ticket price includes the on-line ticket handling charge.

There will be a special CineMatsuri registration table for our guests at the Ronald Reagan Building, the E Street Cinema, and the Bethesda Row. We will have a list of everyone who has bought a ticket on-line.

Please bring a copy of your receipt with you to the theater.

If you buy more than one ticket for the same film, all tickets will be kept at the CineMatsuri registration desk at the theater under your name. Please tell your guest(s) that when they check in, they should tell the receptionist your name and indicate that they are your guest.

Please note:

*** On-line sales for each film will end 2 hours before the film is shown OR sooner, if all seats are sold.

*** Walk-up sales at the theater at the time of the film’s screening are possible if there are tickets remaining after on-line sales have closed. On-site sales are cash only.

*** All sales are final.


Date Venue Film Showtime Price Tickets
3/20/2016 Ronald Reagan Building Persona Non Grata 1:30pm $13
3/21/2016 E-Street Cinema Flying Colors 7:00pm $13
3/22/2016 E-Street Cinema Snow on the Blades 7:00pm $13
3/23/2016 E-Street Cinema I am a Monk 7:00pm $13
3/23/2016 E-Street Cinema Persona Non Grata
(encore presentation)
9:00pm $11
3/24/2016 E-Street Cinema The Emperor in August 7:00pm $13
3/25/2016 Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market Persona Non Grata
(encore presentation)
9:15pm $11*
3/27/2016 Bethesda Row Persona Non Grata
(encore presentation)
7:00pm $11
*Only for the Angelica Pop-UP Union Market, tickets are sold at the theater website.