2018 FILMS

Tuesday, March 20, 7:00 p.m.

TEIICHI NO KUNI (119 min) (2017)
TEIICHI -Battle of Supreme High

“I’m going to be student council president, no matter what it takes!” So begins Teiichi’s fight for the ultimate seat of power against 800 brilliant rivals at the most elite private school in Japan…The make-or-break “student council election” begins now!!

The 800 elite students of the top private school in Japan – Kaitei High School – represent the sharpest young minds in the country. Kaitei’s alumni have powerful connections in the political and financial world, and its top student -- the student council president -- is all but promised a future cabinet position. At the beginning of the new school year in April, ambitious freshman Teiich Akaba joins the ranks of Kaitei elites as the top student from his graduating class. His dream is to “become the prime minister and create his own kingdom.” But in order to realize this dream, he absolutely must become student council president.

“I’ll bring down every single rival to become #1…I’ll do whatever it takes, no matter how dirty or underhanded. An effective strategy in my freshman year will give me an edge in the student council elections two years from now. The battle has already begun!” Teiichi gets a head start on his rivals and takes his first step towards his ambitious goal. But unimaginable conspiracies and challenges await him! Friendships and betrayals abound in the ultimate Battle Royale to outrank each other! The make-or-break “student council election” begins now!!

全国屈指の頭脳を持つ800人のエリート学生達が通う、日本一の超名門・海帝高校。財政界に強力なコネを持ち、海帝でトップ=生徒会長をつとめたものには、将来の内閣入りが確約されているという。時は4月、新学期。大きな野心を持つ男が首席入学を果たす。新1年生・赤場帝一。彼の夢は「総理大臣になって、自分の国を作る」こと。その夢を実現するためには、海帝高校の生徒会長になることが絶対条件。「ライバルを全員蹴落として、必ずここでトップに立つ…そのためならなんでもする…どんな汚いことでも…。2年後の生徒会長選挙で優位に立つには、1年生の時にどう動くかが鍵となる。戦いはもう始まっているのだ!」。誰よりも早く動き始め、野望への第一歩を踏み出した帝一。待ち受けていたものは、想像を絶する罠と試練! 友情と裏切り! 究極の格付けバトルロワイアル! いま、命がけの「生徒会選挙」が幕を開ける!

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THURSDAY, March 22, 7:00 p.m.

Life is Fruity

A 90-years-old architect Shuichi Tsubata lives with his wife Hideko in a one-storied house in the woods in Aichi prefecture. He built this house after the house of his master, Antonin Raymond. They grow many kinds of vegetables and fruit in their garden and harvest the crops to make their living. Their lives embody the ideal of people in this modern age. As a skilled architect, Shuichi was in charge of a planning of a new town 50 years ago. He wanted to build houses that can coexist with woods, but his idea was rejected by the time of economic-first policy. As a result, houses far from nature were built. Shuichi left his work, purchased land in the new town, and built a house for him and his wife. They grew crops and woods there to make their living slowly and steadily. One day, a client visits Shuichi to ask for his architectural design. The order is a challenge for Shuichi to realize his ideal building that can coexist with nature.



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TUESDAY, March 27, 7:00 p.m.


Kiyoshi Shigematsu, Naoki Prize winning author of “Tonbi” and “Ryusei Wagon” published a novel entitled “Osanago Warera ni Umare” (We’re Having a Baby) in 1996. The human drama explores the meaning of “family” through the complex relationships between a 44-year-old man, his ex-wife, their daughter who lives with her mother, his current wife, her children from a previous marriage, and a new child they are about to bring into the world. Haruhiko Arai, who is known for his artful depictions of romantic relationships between men and women, will write the screenplay, and Yukiko Mishima, who has cultivated a passionate young female fan base through her work in “Shiawase no Pan”(Bread of Happiness) and “Budou no Namida”(A Drop of Grapevine), will direct the film. Tadanobu Asano who won the 2016 Asian Film Award for Best Supporting Actor will play the lead with Rena Tanaka. He claims he took on the role because he is, in fact, in his 40’s. The film is a collaborative effort that spans generations and is expected to appeal to a wide age group. While the novel was written 20 years ago, it encourages discussion of relevant and current “family” issues such as married couples with different surnames and gay marriage.


バツイチ、再婚。一見良きパパを装いながらも、実際は妻の連れ子とうまくいかず、悶々とした日々を過ごすサラリーマン、田中信(浅野忠信)。妻・奈苗(田中麗奈)は、男性に寄り添いながら生きる専業主婦。キャリアウーマンの元妻・友佳(寺島しのぶ)との間にもうけた実の娘と3カ月に1度会うことを楽しみにしているとは言えない。 実は、信と奈苗の間には、新しい生命が生まれようとしていた。血のつながらない長女はそのことでより辛辣になり、放った一言―「やっぱりこのウチ、嫌だ。本当のパパに会わせてよ」。今の家族に息苦しさを覚え始める信は、怒りと哀しみを抱えたまま半ば自暴自棄で長女を奈苗の元夫・沢田(宮藤官九郎)と会う決心をするが・・・。

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THURSDAY, March 29, 7:00 p.m.

Love and Goodbye and Hawaii

Rinko has been living with Isamu, a graduate student, for three years. They have decided to break up, but are still living together. Their current relationship of “more than just friends but not quite lovers” is very comfortable for Rinko, so she hasn’t moved out yet. However, Rinko has realized that she still loves Isamu… One day, Rinko finds out that a young girl who studies with Isamu has feelings for him. And it seems Isamu is also becoming attracted to her. Now, Rinko is faced with a tough decision.

リンコには三年間同棲している、大学院生のイサムという恋人がいる。 だが、二人の関係はすでに良好とは言えず、ついに別れることになり、それぞれ新しい生活を送る決意をした。はずだった。



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