CineMatsuri Shorts: Thursday, March 30, 7:00 p.m.

"CineMatsuri Shorts” is a new addition to the CineMatsuri lineup. On Thursday, March 30 - one day only - the Japan-America Society of Washington DC will showcase the future of Japanese cinema by screening eight short films from up-and-coming Japanese directors, actors, and screenwriters. While CineMatsuri shows full-length feature films with broad cultural appeal, “CineMatsuri Shorts” will push the cutting edge of Japanese cinematic innovation and creativity, with trendy, edgy, and independently-made short films.

CineMatsuri Shorts is produced in cooperation with Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, a Japan-born, Academ Awards(R)-accredited event that is now one of the largest film festivals in Asia. CineMatsuri Shorts will screen at the E Street Cinema on Thursday, March 30 from 7:00 pm. Tickets may be purchased directly from the E Street Cinema.



Director: A.T.

A girl encounters an android on the street. She finds something strange about the experience and decides to follow the android to give it a "message."

街でアンドロイドと出会った少女は、違和感を覚える。 そして「ある事」を伝えるために、少女は後をつけていくが……


Director: Yusaku Okamoto

A Story about high school girl who has a complex about the size of her breasts.

芥川龍之介の小説「鼻」を、胸の大きさにコンプレックスを 抱えた女子高生の話に二次創作した、第一回 BookShortsアワード受賞作「HANA」の映像化。



Director: Yukinori Makabe

A film inspired by jazz artist Yurifa Matsumoto’s “You Named Me Blue.”
Like artwork in a museum, this film invites you to appreciate the world presented with the right-half of your brain.

ジャズシンガー・松本ゆりふぁによる楽曲「You Named Me Blue」の世界観からインスピレーションし、物語を紡いだ作品。美術館で絵画を鑑賞するような感覚、右脳で観て頂きたい映画です。

Miyuki no Fuurin
Miyuki’s Wind Bell

Director: Ken Ochiai

Miyuki visits her grandmother with her two younger step brothers. The inconvenience of country life is not for Miyuki and this only exasperates her. She meets Genki who shows her a "secret place" where an unexploded bomb from World War II is kept.


Shichigorosawa no Kitsune
The Fox of Shichigorosawaer

Director: Tune Sugihara

Higashiyama have been living by the Shichigoro swap for generations, but humans have begun polluting these waters with medical waste… Through traditional Ainu storytelling, this story illustrates the tale of this Fox entirely in Ainu.


Tokyo Cosmo
Tokyo Cosmo

Director: Takahiro Miyauchi

Living alone in Tokyo, a woman struggles to fights the stress of her monotonous job and the loneliness of the city each day. One day, her toy pig awakens to send her into a magical world, and what awaits her there…

東京で一人暮らしをする女性。仕事に疲れ、孤独と戦っていた。彼女を元気づけるため、ブタのぬいぐるみが夢の世界へと連れ出すが、そこに待ち受けていたのは… 孤独と生活感をテーマに描くフルCGエンタテイメント作品

Koharu Biyori
A Warm Spell

Director: Toshimichi Saito

Nao gave up his dream of painting to take over the family-run post office.  His older brother, Masanobu, left home to become a doctor.  When their mother's funeral brings the two brothers together again, they are forced to confront their old conflicts and resentments.


Shabu-Shabu Spirit
Shabu-Shabu Spirit

Director: Yuki Saito

A fiancé, Keita, goes to meet the family, the father, Shozo, begins his secret appraisal – a test to see whether this fiancé is worthy or not of marrying his daughter. Trying to reduce the distance between them, the mother prepares a single nabe (cooking pot) for the shabu-shabu meal. As Shozo’s eyes glint brightly, Keita reaches towards the shabu-shabu.