CineMatsuri Shorts: Tuesday, April 3

"CineMatsuri Shorts” is a new addition to the CineMatsuri lineup. On Tuesday, April 3 - one day only - the Japan-America Society of Washington DC will showcase the future of Japanese cinema by screening eight short films from up-and-coming Japanese directors, actors, and screenwriters. While CineMatsuri shows full-length feature films with broad cultural appeal, “CineMatsuri Shorts” will push the cutting edge of Japanese cinematic innovation and creativity, with trendy, edgy, and independently-made short films.

CineMatsuri Shorts is produced in cooperation with Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, a Japan-born, Academ Awards(R)-accredited event that is now one of the largest film festivals in Asia. CineMatsuri Shorts will screen at the E Street Cinema On Tuesday, April 3 from 7:00 pm.


Home Away From Home
ホームアウェイフロム ホーム
Home Away From Home

Director: Yukinori Makabe

A taxi driver, a young girl and a backpacker simultaneously experience a wonderful journey in Tokyo, where they find connections to their own homes in Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. Throughout their journey, they run into the same Japanese woman named Akiko. Meanwhile, a writer in Paris recalls her encounter with Akiko in Tokyo.



Director: Keisuke Nakazazto

Two colleagues eat at a conveyer belt sushi restaurant. The junior eats and eats and eats the gold plated sushi, and the chef keeps bringing more and more and more. The dishes are pilling up and the boss is getting worried…


Super Star
Super Star

Director: Kentaro Hagiwara

When Toshiko's (Atsuko Sakurai) dream of meeting her favourtie Koren idol comes true, the last thing she wants to do is be late for the fan event in which he plans to attend. Looking for the fastest way to the venue, she jumps into a yellow car only to be confronted by its grumpy driver Park (Eung-soo Kim), who leaves her wondering if she will ever make it there on time….



Director: Takeshi Kogahara

A boy & a girl, classmates. Their poolside conversations during swimming class linger in the boy's memories. A story about a boy and a time in his life that he will never forget.



*This film contains mature themes and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Director: Daigo Matsui

One day, out of work musician Yusuke is taken to a "pink salon." There, he falls in love with Hitomi and winds up in her apartment. He starts to play music for her with her ex-boyfriend's guitar.


Mirai wa Akarui
The Future Looked Bright

Director: Adrien Lacoste

A young couple hires lawyers to make a relationship contract for their future life together.


born, bone, boon.

Director: Gori

A dysfunctional family reunites for the traditional "bone washing ceremony" on Aguni Island. The family face themselves and are able to begin the healing process.